Joyce who?

Joyce was recently listed as one of the Top 20 WordPress Bloggers you need to follow and one of 25 Awesome WordPress Women To Watch In 2014.

Joyce now calls herself an Internet marketer, however it is hard to classify her into one specific talent pool because, well, it varies!  However, all her backgrounds come together perfectly to complement the job she now does, which is to help businesses and organizations market themselves on the Internet.

Web developer in a shoeJoyce started in journalism, which gave her a strong sense of writing for mass audiences and also trained her in media tools (believe it or not, Internet marketing utilizes A LOT of journalistic skills!).  Afterwards she obtained a degree in Communication, which is where her instructors discovered her strong marketing skills and she ranked at the top of her class for every marketing course she took.

web-developer-kissing-fishAfter graduating, she ended up at a company where she was trained by a very successful Internet marketer to perform a myriad of Web marketing services for their clients including search engine optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, E-mail marketing and more.  After quickly mastering the art and science of Internet marketing, she ended up developing an extensive, and very concentrated, 8-hour course on Internet marketing, which she also sold and taught to clients in one-on-one settings.

internet-marketer-and-fishBecause of her extensive networking activities and ability to explain Internet marketing in simplified terms, she was asked to be a speaker on the topic at a couple events.  She also wrote a column for a Fraser Valley Business paper on Internet marketing and was interviewed by Business in Vancouver’s marketing magazine as an Internet marketer.  Oh yes, and she co-wrote an e-book on Internet marketing called ‘The 6-week online business makeover’.

That’s just a brief re-cap of her accomplishments so far :)  There is more to tell, but it’s not worth boring you with!

internet-marketer-big-wheelHer Internet marketing skills now include:

Web site development for Internet marketing purposes
Web content writing
E-mail marketing
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Pay-per-click advertising
Press Release writing
Social Media marketing

In January, 2011, Joyce started her own company, Clicks Online Marketing, where she specializes in working with graphic designers and marketers to produce WordPress content management systems and to perform successful search engine optimization (SEO).  Her company aims to provide complete transparency, clear communication, organized processes and high ethical standards to all of its clients.